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The EasyClean Duster: Saving You Time & Money!

When it comes to finding cleaning solutions for our homes, the easier the better! If you’re looking for a quick and simple way to dust to the blinds, shutters, and other hard-to-reach areas in your home – look no further than the EasyClean Duster!

The Unique Shape

Because of our duster’s “three finger” technology, it has instantly become the perfect venetian blind duster, mini blind cleaner, and shutter cleaner! Why bother meticulously dusting each and every blind panel when you can clean three at a time with our duster? This will not only save you time, but our microfiber blind cleaner fingers will ensure the surface is left clean and dust-free!

Safe on All Surfaces

Whether you’re looking for a plastic or wood blind duster, the EasyClean is safe on all surfaces. You can even use it on metallic surfaces like chandeliers and picture frames without having to worry about any damage occurring. Because our blind cleaner tool is so gentle – you’ll find yourself using it in every room of the house!

Customize it!

Whether you need one, two, or three fingers on your blind duster - we've made it easy to customize the way you clean them! And when the Easyclean blind cleaner dusting fingers get dirty just simply remove the microfiber sleeves and pop them in the wash! So what are you waiting for? Stop wasting time cleaning the old fashioned way and revolutionize the way you’re going about household chores! The EasyClean Duster provides all-in-one cleaning that will come in handy each and every day!